Scientific research

The scientific research activities of the FPS mainly focus on political theory, Ho Chi Minh‟s thought, politics of Vietnam, international politics, Media Politics, comparative politics.
The results of research projects at all levels (grassroots, ministerial, and state levels) chaired by the FPS staff have had positive impacts on the society. The typical projects are:
        State-level project: Religion in the socialist rule-of-law and secular state in Vietnam, coded KX.04.19/11-15.
        State-level project: The History of Vietnam, volume XIV (1858-1884), coded KHXH-LSVN/14-18, 2018.
        State-level research: The History of Vietnam, volume XXV (2001-2015), coded KHXH-LSVN/14-18, 2018.
        State-level project: Studying and proposing solutions and models for capacity improvement of the grassroots political system in some key Northwest areas. Coded KHCNTB.15X/13-18, 2017.

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